Growth Groups


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What are Growth Groups?

Our Growth Groups are the perfect opportunity for you to get involved with our church family here at Calvary through discipleship. The best part about these groups is that they happen on different days throughout the week to help provide more options for you and your existing schedule! These groups are a perfect way to to connect, pray, and study God’s Word together.

Why are Growth Groups Important?

As believer’s we were not made for isolation, rather we were made for community; as believer’s we are made to work together, and Growth Groups facilitate that community structure we are made for.

Why Should I Join a Growth Group?

When a team works together challenges that were once larger seem a lot smaller because there are more people working together towards the same goal. The goal of these Growth Groups is to bring people together so that we can partner with one another and work towards overcoming our obstacles together. The growth experienced in these groups can occasionally come through the support and encouragement of others that God brings in our lives to provide healing.

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