About Calvary Baptist

Our Mission

We want to provide a place of hope to others through our intentional Christ-Centered living in our hearts, homes, and communities.

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Our Strategy

Weekly Gatherings – We will offering multiple gatherings each week to allow our church the opportunity to gather for fellowship, worship, and equipping.

Serving – We will serve those who we are near. You are never more like Jesus than when you are serving.

Relationship Prioritization – We will focus on the families and individuals in this ministry. We will have a relationally-structured ministry as Christ did.

Small Groups – We will offer opportunities for our church body to connect in fellowship and study through our small group meetings that take place throughout the week.

Devotional Resources – We will partner with our families by providing practical and relatable devotions to help empower our families to lead at home.

Our Values

Intentionality – We choose to be intentional in all our actions and thoughts.

Unity – We choose to be unified in commitment to being Christ-like.

Commitment to Growth – We choose to be disciplined in our personal study, communication, and discernment.

Faithful Giving – We choose to be faithful in giving back to the Lord through our tithes and offerings.

Prayer – We choose to be devoted in our communication to God.

Our Direction

A place of hope both inside and outside of the church building. We are not defined by our location but our calling by God.

A family where all feel like they belong and want to be. We are here to be welcoming and inviting, we are all broken people, no one is perfect.

Multi-generational and multi-cultural in our place of worship and outreach. We believe that the church is not limited to a certain group of people, the body is diverse.

To connect others with resources and outlets to help overcome obstacles. We were not made for isolation, we stand better when we have others behind us.

Challenging people to become participants instead of attenders. We believe that the call to fellowship is a call to discipleship, we work through our discomfort.

Evangelistically focused in all of our activities. We remain focused on the mission we are called to fulfill.